Name of the company: CESARE REGNOLI E FIGLIO SRL

Address: via san Vitale 42/2, Bologna

Tel: +39 051222483



Description of the company

Medusa is one of the Europe’s leading companies in the field of fish-based gourmet specialities. Its experience has been acquired over the course of 150 years, with a plant situed close to the Venetian lagoon, all vital requirements making Medusa a key player in the large scale retail sector.

Foreing markets served: France, England, Germany, Austria, USA, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Type of presence in the foreign markets: agent, dealer, retail

Products: Processed seafood and ready meals Processed vegetables and ready meals

Habitual client: retail, wholesale, horeca

Final customer: consumers

Most common application of the product seafood and vegetable antispast/starter, ready-meal, side dish

Competitiveness factors: design, quality, quality/price ratio, technology, brand, variety of product range

The company wants to sell the products:  processed seafood and vegetables, ready meals (fresh 0-4°)

It is looking for: retail

Ideal partner profile: retail


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