Name of the company: MANCIN NADIA SRL

Address: Strada statale Romea, 53, Ariano nel Polesine (RO)

Tel: +39 042679311



Description of the company

Production and commercialization of semi-preserved fish (0-4°)

Foreing markets served: Russia and Germany

Type of presence in the foreign markets: dealer- distributor

Products: Seafood sald, anchovy fillets, cooked molluscs

Habitual client: GDO, wholesale, discount

Final customer: private, retail, horeca

Most common application of the product antipasts, condiment

Competitiveness factors: quality/ price ratio, quality,  technology

The company wants to sell the products:  all its products

It is looking for: dealer- distributor and GDO

Ideal partner profile: GDO