Name of the company: ALLES FISCH & C. SRL

Address: Via G. Poli 83, Chioggia

Tel: +39 041403299



Description of the company

Manufacture of fresh and frozen fish products. Alles Fisch export fresh, frozen and defrosted fish products to Germany, France, Austria, Belgium. Important products for us are sardines, anchovies, mullets, merlan, blue fish, octopus, cuttlefish, squid and much more. We process the product at the customers’ request: fillet, gutted, whole. Our processing is done with purified sea water. We pack fish products “ready to cook”.

Alles Fisch exports in Germany all days from Monday to Friday. We deliver in Austria and in France three times for week.

Foreing markets served: Germany, France, Austria, Belgium

Type of presence in the foreign markets: local seat (production and commercial), joint venture (production and commercial), dealer-distributor




Habitual client: large scale distribution, cash and carry, wholesaler, trader

Final customer: hotel, restaurant, private persons, catering, processors, distributors, wholesalers

Competitiveness factors: quality, quality/price ratio, brand, variety of product range, and the fact that Allesh Fish is a serious company, famous for the customer care, the order respect and the working speed for helping customers.

The company wants to sell the products:  fresh fish, frozen fish defrosted fish and seafood.

It is looking for:  GDO

Ideal partner profile:  The company is looking for a partnership. Alles Fisch wants to build a process of work with the time and the seriosity.



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