Name of the company: O.P. BIVALVIA VENETO S.C. Organizzazione di Produttori di Molluschi Bivalvi del Mare Veneto (Organization of Bivalve Molluscs Producers of the Veneto Sea)

Address: Via Torino 186, Mestre

Tel: + 39 042182206



Description of the company: O.P. Bivalvia Veneto s.c. is a producers’ organization that associates about 100 fishing vessels that deliver the product caught (about 40.000 kg) of sea clams (Chamelea galina) every day, but are also involved in the harvesting of other bivalve molluscs from the Veneto sea. In Caorle there is the shellfish expedition centre and the technologically advanced processing centre: here the products are selected, washed/cleaned, purged, finally packed and frozen, ready to use. The range of products under the brand “iPescaOri”offers products such as sea clams, razor clams, smooth clams, smooth scallops and many other delicacies for the palate.In 2018 O.P. Bivalvia Veneto s.c. also obtained the Certification ad the first fishery in the Mediterranean sea for the sustainable fishing of sea clams according to the MSC standard, in addition to the BIO certification of the organic clams od Caorle “LaVenexiana” (the onlt case in Italy for the species Chamelea galina).

Foreign markets served: Switzerland, Austria, Australia

Type of presence in the foreign markets: Agents and dealers, catering served

Products and custom codes:

See clams with shell naturally frozen (Chamelea galina) 0307 72 10
Razor clams with shell naturally frozen (Ensis silique) 0307 72 90
Smooth clams half shell  naturally frozen (Callista chione) 0307 72 10
White or red Smooth Scallops half shell naturally frozen (Flexopecten spp) 0307 22 10
Local King Scallops half shell naturally frozen (Pecten jacobaeus) 0307 22 10
Atlantic King Scallops half shells naturally frozen (Pecten maximus) 0307 22 10
Clean Local Cuttlefish naturally frozen (Sepia officinalis) 0307 43 29
Clean Local Musky Octopus naturally frozen (Eledone moschata) 0307 52 00
Local Prawns naturally frozen (Melicertus kerathurus) 0306 17  92
Anchovies (also cleaned and boned) naturally frozen (Engraulis encrasicolus) 0303 59 10
Sardines (also cleaned and boned) naturally frozen (Sardina pilchardus) 0303 53 10
Local Squids naturally frozen (Lologo vulgaris) 0303 33 00
Clean local Sole naturally frozen 0303 33 00


Habitual client: and distribution

Final customer: direct consumer (through restaurants or retail chain or with the delivery service)

Competitiveness factors: quality/ price ratio, quality, technology, variety of product range

The company wants to sell the products: seafood (frozen food) at a temperature of -18°

It is looking for: dealer- distributor and GDO



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