Name of the company COPLAST PACKAGING SRL

Address: Via dell’Artigianato 182-204, Lusia (Ro)

Tel: +39 0425607687



Description of the company

Coplast packaging has twenty years of experience in the packaging sector; it has integrated injection plastic packaging with food contact certified polypropylene crates and cardboards boxes to satisfy agri-food world.

Foreing markets served: Turkey, Bulgary

Products: alveolar polypropylene crates

Habitual client: fish industry dealers

Final customer: GDO

Common application of the products: our crates are certified for food contact ideal in the agrifood world

Competitiveness factors: design, quality/price ratio, variety of product range, variety of crates certified for food contact

The company wants to sell the products:  certified polypropylene crates for contact food

It is looking for:  fish dealers and producers/industries

Ideal partner profile:  commercial and fish producers.



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